如電話無法接通,請您撥打集團 銷售專員熱線





              Mobile Concrete Mixing Station Introduction to the
              產品介紹 移動商混站


              On the basis of different product production batch, specific models, pictures are for reference only details you can contact our sales staff for specific verification


              是結合了現有混凝士運輸車和攪拌站功能于一體的混凝士加工設備??涩F場施工作業,大大的提高了生產效率,降低了生產 時間和成本。只需提供水泥、砂子、石子等原料,剩余的交給移動商混站。 配置2臺車,1個水泥罐 和1個水箱,就是一個小型的商混站。移動商混站的基礎設計主體部分只需地面硬化,粉罐及配料站均為鋼結構基礎,基礎鋼架均為鎖接, 可成片拆裝轉場。 主體車同拖架設計,按照拖掛車標準設計,配有車輪尾燈等,可上高速。 暫存方便 施工間歇期時,整體暫存,占地 小,無須擔心零部件丟失及損害。 整機高端,內置“脈沖除塵器”,有效降低粉塵排放,設備主體全包封。 主體空間寬敞,活動及檢修自如。

              Mobile traders mixing station is combined with the existing coagulation and transporters and mixing station function in the integration of coagulation and processing equipment. Suitable for site construction operation and greatly improves the production efficiency, reduce the production Time and cost. It will guide the concrete industry have a huge change. Only need to provide raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel, the rest of the mixing station to the mobile dealer. 2 car configuration, a cement tank And a water tank, mixing station is a small dealer. Mobile traders mixing station design main body surface hardening, the basis of the powder tank and ingredients to stand as the foundation of steel structure, base steel frame are lock,Can tear into transitions. The car with the towing bracket design, according to the standard trailer design, equipped with wheels tail lights, etc., can be in high speed. The temporary convenience Intermittent period of construction, the overall staging, covers an area of Very small, do not need to worry about loss and damage to the parts. Machine environmental protection and high-end machine all environmental protection design, built-in pulse dust catcher, effectively reduce the dust emission, equipment body coating, all green The color green. The main body space is capacious, activity and repair freely.


              Product advantage analysis






              產能:14立方米/小時;         110立方米/天;          33000立方米/年





              Capacity: 14 cubic meters/hour; 110 m3 / day; 33000 cubic meters per year
              Four-wheel drive
              Accurate weighing metering system
              Level can turn 270 °, comprehensive discharge, discharge opening height is 1.8 meters
              Feeding, weighing, pumping, mixing, transportation, unloading, six decathlon


              1、效率高:一小時可生產14立方米混凝土,一天可生產110立方米,與傳統攪拌機350生產88立方米相比,一天生產更多,與強制性攪拌機500 相比,可有效減少因混凝土供應不及時造成的勞動力浪費,可及時更早使工程完工,創造效益;與商品混凝土相比,可把原料放在距離工地較 近的地方,隨時生產,隨時卸料,減少因等待商混帶來的時間和勞動力浪費。

              2、省錢:一輛車只需一個駕駛員與2位師傅,就可工作,與傳統攪拌機350和強制性攪拌機500相比,一天一輛車可節省700元,一個月一輛車 可節省2萬多。如以一個需20000立方米的工程量為準,可節省20多萬元,兩三個工程就可把投資的錢收回,盡享之后的純收益。

              3、省力:自鉸鏈式液壓操作鏟斗可以自動更準確地裝載粒料和原料,減少不必要的人力消耗;電子稱重系統“測力傳感器”可驗證100%合格 的混凝土(根據要求選配),不必要耗費人力去調試;攪拌桶可旋轉270°,不用因為卸混凝土的位置而來回的調整車輛的位置,斜槽配有可 拆卸軸銷,可增加卸料高度;車子4輪驅動,4輪轉向,可在崎嶇或者狹小的地方輕松自如的工作。


              5、操作簡單:裝備齊全的駕駛室,功效設計的操作桿 :一根控制手柄控制所有主要功能,只要具備駕駛照,就可在一天之內學會如何操作。
              如果是從事鋪路、造橋的朋友,你可節省大量人力資源,回收投資金額;如果是從事情攪拌行業的朋友,你不但省下了上面所講的那些,您還 節省了一次性投資建設攪拌站的費用。

              1, high efficiency, can produce 14 cubic meters of concrete, one hour a day can produce 110 cubic meters, compared with traditional mixer 350 production of 88 cubic meters, a day to produce more, and compulsory mixer, 500 Than, can effectively reduce labor waste caused by the concrete supply not in time, can timely make completed earlier, create benefit; Compared with the commercial concrete, can put the raw material in close distance from site Place, production at any time, discharge at any time, to reduce waiting for mixed waste of time and labor.
              2, save money, a car with a driver and two master, can work, compared with traditional mixer and compulsory mixer 500 350, a car can save $700 a day, a car can be a month Save more than 20000. Subject to a 200- 00 cubic meters of quantities, can save more than ten thousand yuan, two or three projects can withdraw money, enjoy the pure profit.
              3, energy saving: since the hinge type hydraulic shovel operation can be more accurate to automatically load grain and raw materials, reduce unnecessary human consumption; Electronic weighing system "force transd ucer" verifiable 100% qualified Concrete (optional) according to the requirement, unnecessary human cost to debugging; Mixing barrel can be rotated 270 °, don't because of unloading concrete position and adjust the position of the vehicle back and forth chute is equipped with removable Shaft pin, can increase the discharge height; 4 wheel drive cars, four wheel steering, can in rugged or narrow place can work easily.
              4, perfect in performance, safety: cross-country chassis; Engineering tire; Rear engine can easy check, wet brakes, brake, the expiration completely reliable.
              5, the operation is simple, well-equipped cab, lever effect: a control lever control of all major functions, as long as have driving licenses, to learn how to operate in a day. if Is engaged in paving the way to build a bridge, friends, you can save a lot of human resources, investment recovery amount; If from mixing industry friends, you not only save about those above, you will also save The cost of the largest one-time investment for the construction of the mixing plant.


              Mobile traders mixing station metering system


              Mobile business characteristics without mixing station design
              移動商混站特點 移動商混站特點


              主體部分只需地面硬化,粉罐及配料站均為鋼結構基礎,基礎鋼架均為鎖接,可成片拆裝轉場。 主體車同拖架設計,按 照拖掛車標準設計,配有車輪尾燈等,可上高速。 暫存方便 施工間歇期時,整體暫存,占地小,無須擔心零部件丟失及損害。 整機高端 ,內置“脈沖除塵器”,有效降低粉塵排放,設備主體全包封。 主體空間寬敞,活動及檢修自 如。

              Mobile traders mixing station main body surface hardening, powder tank and ingredients to stand as the foundation of steel structure, base steel frame are locked, can piece disassembling transitions. The car with the towing bracket design, pressAccording to the standard trailer design, equipped with wheels tail lights, etc., can be in high speed. The temporary convenience Intermittent period of con- struction, the overall staging, covers an area of small, do not need to worry about loss and damage to the parts. The whole machine Environmental protection and high-end machine all environmental protection design, built-in pulse dust catcher, effectively reduce the dust emission, turnkey seal equipment subject, green environmental protection. The main space capacious, activities and overhaul since Such as.


              Mobile traders mixing station structure


              On the basis of different product production batch, specific models, pictures are for reference only details you can contact our sales staff for specific verification

              1、 Drum 罐體                                    8、Rear Camera 后視攝像頭                                    15、Arm 大臂

              2、Reducer 減速機                              9、Main Oil Pump 主泵                                          16、Backhoe Tank 反鏟油缸

              3、Gerotor Motor 擺線馬達                10、Hydraulic Tank 液壓油箱                                   17、Loader 鏟斗

              4、Fuel Tank 燃油箱                           11、Rotary Support 回轉支撐                                  18、Riding Wheel 托輪

              5、Water Pump 水泵馬達                    12、Drum Holder 回旋支撐                                     19、Gate&Cylinder 閘板&油缸

              6、Oil Cooling 油散                             13、Water Tank 水箱                                             20、Rearview Mirror 后視鏡

              7、Engine Compartment 發動機          14、Tire 輪胎                                                         21、Driving Cab 駕駛室


              Mobile traders mixing station technology parameters
              移動商混站 FM3.5-3
              Mixing Drum 攪拌系統 滾筒容量4.3立方米。水平回轉270°,卸料口高度1.8米。
              Drum Capacity 生產能力 3.5m3,14m3/hr.
              Disel Engine 發 動 機 玉柴 A8QW0,水冷,4缸。60KW/2200rpm.
              Transmission 傳動方式 全液壓驅動。4輪驅動,4輪轉向。分宜車橋。
              Speed 行走速度 Low (低速) 0—9 km/h,High (高速) 0—20 km/h。
              Driving Cab 駕 駛 室 左駕,防翻、防落物型駕駛室。前側裝料鏟。
              Hydraulic System 液壓系統 美國丹弗斯系統,閉式回路,用于液壓滾筒攪拌和旋轉。
              Loader Control 操 縱 桿 液壓四位電控操作桿
              Loader 鏟 斗 600升,液壓閘門
              Chute 溜 槽 液壓調節角度,以增加卸料長度。
              Water Tank 供水系統 2 x 300升。液壓驅動自吸式水泵上水。配高壓水泵沖洗車輛。
              Brake 剎 車 濕式制動器。雙獨立回路。
              Tire 輪 胎 工程機械專用輪胎16/70-20。
              Electrical System 電力系統 24伏。
              Oil Tank 油 箱 柴油箱:100升。液壓油箱:125升。
              Weight 重 量 8800kg。
              Specifications 外形尺寸 長:7米 寬:2.45米 高:3. 31米。
              Weighing 計 量 電子稱重,水表。配方受控。




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